Lealem is an Ethiopian Canadian artist, producer, and environmental engineer who has a passion for music production, songwriting, and mentoring youth in his community. As a first generation immigrant from Ethiopia, Lealem has the perspective of lived experience as a Black and low-income youth in Ottawa. In addition to the challenges of navigating anti-black racism in various institutions, Lealem felt there was a mentorship gap in his high school experience that he hopes to fill for the youth through Produced by Youth, a safe space for Black youth in Ottawa to learn music production, singing/songwriting and build confidence.

Lealem has done community volunteering with Ottawa youth for over 10 years, including running summer day camps and supervising/chaperoning youth events out of town. In terms of music mentorship, Lealem with the support of Samuel, ran a pilot music production workshop for newcomer youth through the Catholic Center for Immigrants. Additionally, Lealem has experience informally mentoring black youth in Ottawa in various songwriting and music production capacities on pro-bono basis.

More recently, in 2020, Lealem released his debut album "The Chase" under the artist name "4theworld" just before the pandemic and received a CBC Ottawa trailblazer award for his community involvement and work through Produced by Youth.

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December 9th, 2023

Jail Cells