Album is the experimental duo of Olivier Fairfield and Simone Provencher, two tirelessly creative musicians working in the small but fertile community of Hull, Québec. Fairfield keeps busy as a drummer with acts such as FET.NAT, whose 2019 album Le Mal became the first Polaris Prize shortlisted release for E-Tron Records, the label he co-founded a decade ago. Provencher has earned her own reputation as the guitarist of frenzied post-punk group Victime, bolstering their songs with an array of alien sounds and bizarrely shaped instruments. Though the pair’s various bands have shared stages throughout the past five years, Album’s first release, 2021's "Album" was their first proper collaboration. The pair has been joined by local musicians Philippe Charbonneau, Scott Warren and Charlotte Savoie on their upcoming Telephone Explosion sophomore, “Portrait de l’artiste”, which features more organic instrumentation and softer, hushed tones. Pique will be their first performance as a band.
June 10th, 2023


Showtime: 18:15