Cartel Madras

Cartel Madras are an experimental hip-hop duo comprised of sisters Eboshi and Contra. Born in Chennai. in the Indian state of Tamil Nadu and raised in Calgary, Canada their music is a cultural syncretism; a heady mix of trap, punk ,and house.

Known for their live performance style; explosive and aggressive, Cartel Madras delivers their music by combining elements of the underground trap, queer, and punk scene - a new sound that has been anointed ‘goonda rap’. It is through word of mouth that followed their first year of performing in 2018 that their rise has been so quick. Their music is radical, racy, and truly unique in the contemporary international hip hop landscape.

Fresh off their North American tour with Sudan Archives in 2020, Cartel’s international tour dates were cut short due to COVID19, since then they have released their third EP The Serpent and the Tiger featuring singles WORKING & DRIFT.

Performing December 10, 2022 at Pique winter edition

spotify: Cartel Madras
instagram: @cartel.madras

twitter: @CartelMadras