Dottie July Gordon

Dottie July Gordon (JG)(b. 1993, Canada) is a visual artist, designer and textile printmaker who lives and works in Montréal, QC.

With an affinity for maximalism, print, illustrated graphics, objects and materiality Dottie utilizes a diverse array of tactile disciplines and design techniques in their approach to image-making and spatial arrangement.

Over the past two years, Dottie’s practice has been actively engaged with archiving ephemera and the research of fixed social points and cultural phenomena between 1975-1986. Magnetized by the motifs, iconography and use of pattern projected through the fashion and design houses of that period, they’ve found a relatable space within the intersection of print-based advertising, pop-art, analogue production models, instructional illustration, as well as the exuberant aesthetic influence the immersion of queer personalities and ideology has consistently had on material culture, fashion and popular design. While not fixated on the creation of replicas, or becoming thematically bound or identified to a purely nostalgic theme. Dottie’s work can be related to these influences and foundational elements, as they approach the creation of contemporary pieces in the sphere of fashion and gallery exhibition through employing a similar tenacity, character and methodology of material art production.

Sheer Transit / Clear Plastic

A site-specific installation of painted works, printed matter and material art.
The general idea is to emulate a moment of being en route, when you witness another person pause to take a cellphone photo of the sky. Less so that clouds could be documented, stored in a digitized drive, or reproduce a similar emotive state when reviewed through the screen. I just like to see it, the diversion from an unpronounced or routine trajectory, where being on-time or fixated in a state of transit is set aside. An instance when someone you have not been introduced to communicates they are having a moment without needing to spell it out. There is not so much to say, as the gesture dictates that we are in the right place, at the right time. The activity is to be immersed in a cloud formation or a particular spectrum of light. As if one were an angel - either about to vanish into thin air, or appearing as though enmeshed in the image. Ambience. Maximalism forever being the terrestrial suggestion. It’s for you, a lucky cloud in the sky.

**September 24th - Fall Edition 2022**

instagram: @dottie.imax