Since the arrival of E-Prime with their debut single, August is an Angel, the duo, consisting of siblings Trevor & Jaclyn Blumas have been steadily making impressions with diggers and groovers with their infectious blend of 80s pop, old school house, new beat, 90s R n’ B, balearic and more. Thanks to some crucial support from global club DJs and nods from LA’s legendary KCRW and London’s NTS, E-Prime has cemented a solid grassroots following in their short existence thus far. Longtime purveyors of the underground might be familiar with the Blumas siblings from their previous project Doomsquad. Now based between Montreal and Toronto, Jaclyn and Trevor started E-Prime as a playful outlet to explore their shared love for infectious rhythms, melodies and antiquated early digital hardware. The result is a unique fusion that draws from familiar sounds across the aural spectrum of late 80s & 90s digi-pop explorations and situates them within the contemporary dancefloor mindset.

September 23, 2023

Club SAW