Born in the Netherlands and of Pakistani descent, Fayaz Jafri is a visual artist, composer, and filmmaker. His work is a hyperbolized reflection of the tropes of popular media. It takes society's cliches and pushes their aesthetics into the hyper-unreal, utilizing intertextuality to explore modern archetypes, resulting in an introspective and amplified remixed visual language.Faiyaz is an associate curator at the Digerati Emergent Media Festival in Denver and teaches digital materiality and animation at Parsons School of Design, Pratt Institute, and Queens College in New York.

Faiyaz Jafri will present the following talk at Pique, presented by the Ottawa International Animation Festival

The Art of Wasting Time
Plotlessness, wordlessness, slowness, alienation, transcendental cinema in the short animated format? Faiyaz Jafri will discuss the importance of procrastination in the creative process and the deconstruction of linearity to create new visual experiences. Art is suffering, and that is OK. This a film-infused masterclass in making boring long films in the short film format.
September 23, 2023