Günsu Hayriye Ozan
+ Eylül Bozok

Günsu Hayriye Ozan and Eylül Bozok are two dynamic and multifaceted artists who bring their unique perspectives to the world of contemporary art.Günsu Hayriye Ozan, based in Ottawa, Canada, hails from Adana, Turkey, and boasts two fine arts degrees in Graphic Design and Fashion and Textile Design. Her artistry is fueled by the people and nature that surround her, with a recent emphasis on upcycling to create sustainable art from discarded materials. As a queer artist, Ozan is an advocate for inclusivity and sustainability, driving positive change through her work.Eylül Bozok, a multidisciplinary artist, blends performance, contemporary dance, video, audio, and installation in her creations. Her art challenges societal norms and taboos surrounding women with provocative themes, minimalism, and repetition. Bozok, an Urban Planning graduate from Istanbul, found her passion in dance, leading her to Montréal. She completed her degree in Contemporary Dance at Concordia University, with a portfolio of works that explore her experiences as a woman.Together, these two artists bring fresh perspectives and thought-provoking ideas to the contemporary art scene, pushing boundaries and fostering positive change.

Günsu’s Website | Eylül’s Website | @gubtus | @eyluulbozok
December 9th, 2023