Kingsley Swim

Kingsley Swim is a community connector, music curator, and the driving force behind Black Market Framework as an innovative storyteller and entrepreneur. Her efforts encompass working alongside a spectrum of diverse artists and organizations across Turtle Island through experiential production, grant proposal composition, and strategic marketing. In 2023, she was selected as a Keychange Innovator, engaging in professional development, networking and travel throughout Europe.As a champion for Canada's new generation of talent, Kingsley remains active behind the scenes, collaborating with artist teams and bringing her unique perspective to several programming committees within arts and culture. She proudly volunteers as a jury member and partnerships coordinator for the Bourses Tontine Award, a bi-annual microgrant for gender-diverse creatives in her hometown. To date, Kingsley has written and co-written a combined total of $1,000,000 worth of successful grant applications for creatives and collectives.

December 9th, 2023

Alma Duncan/Studio