Lia Kloud

A spiritual being with a fearless attitude on the beat. Lia Kloud is a hip-hop artist with a talent for creating an atmosphere of positive energy while maintaining a level of mystery through her music. Raised in Ottawa’s south side, Lia grew up in the suburbs and the music she creates reflects the environment she was raised in. Lia is unapologetically ambitious in her sound and pursuit while remaining humble and true to herself. Lia released her debut EP “Emancipated Ego” in 2019, which features the single “No Destination” and she released her second EP “520” in 2020, which features singles including “Loose Screw”, “If I Ruled The World” and “Pawn Shop”. Keep it locked on Lia in 2021, #KUMOSZN is about to begin.

Performing December 10, 2022 at Pique winter edition

spotify: Lia Kloud
instagram: @liakloud

soundcloud: liakloud3