Los3r is a three piece experimental pop band from Ottawa, focusing on pushing sonic boundaries, establishing heartfelt melancholic lyrics, while maintaining a high energy. each respective member derives from a range of influences, making the songwriting a melting pot of unique ideas. Los3r formed in November of 2022, by Noah Perkins (Geunf), Thomas Khalil (User) , and Julien Martinet (dulien), who all went to highschool together. It originally started as a visual art project, deriving from Geunf's architectural background, and User's unique interest in experimental digital art. Things quickly began steering toward making music in January of the next year after embarking dulien's production and songwriting skills, having been making music on soundcloud under the dulien moniker for a few years. Since then, Los3r have put out 5 singles, and 1 EP, and plan to release more in the near future.

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September 23, 2023