Naïka Champaïgne

Naïka Champaïgne (she/her) is a Black, Haitian and Queer singer / musician in Montreal. She is a member of the duo Strange Froots as a singer, rapper, composer, guitarist and bassist. She debuted, on January 1st 2020, her first solo album entitled ‘’Painted Imageries’’. It is an album that puts forth her roots in Neo-soul, RnB, Rock, Jazz and Folk. She is also greatly implicated in community organizing. She is the co-founder of the Montreal collective ‘’Fruition MTL’’, a collective that is for QTBIPOC and the co-founder of the Black Healing Fund collective; a collective that provides low income Black folks in Tio’tia:ke / Montreal discretionary funding for their well being and mental health. She also works as a youth intervention worker and drop in coordinator at Project 10. Naïka Champaïgne is a person where her creativity and her personality shows up in all the work that she takes on.

December 9th, 2023