Olivia Johnston and Jennifer Stewart

OLIVIA JOHNSTON and JENNIFER STEWART are photo-based artists who live and work in Ottawa, Canada. Collaborators and friends for over a decade, Stewart and Johnston’s work in photographic media attempts to expand upon and explore ideas around what constitutes the image, the self, and/or memory. Graduates of SPAO’s diploma program, both artists make use of traditional photographic processes as part of their practices.

instagram: @olijohn

website: oliviajohnston.com
instagram: @disposableimage
website: disposableimage.com

Kodak Girls

The automated analogue photobooth was first invented in the late 19th century and was quickly adopted by artists fascinated by the motif of the automatic portrait, including Andy Warhol, Lorna Simpson, Francis Bacon, Salvador Dalì, Walker Evans, Gerhard Richter and Richard Avedon. Stewart and Johnston’s installation Kodak Girls adopts the practices of the analogue photobooth but rather than involving artists as subjects, they become the machine itself.

During Pique’s summer edition, participants will have their portrait taken. The photograph will be developed in a temporary darkroom. Stewart and Johnston will alternate roles between capture and development, creating a real-time photobooth experience. Subject participants will receive a silver gelatin portrait of themselves and original piece of art. Viewers and participants can observe the magic of the automatic photobooth, while witnessing the labour-intensive process of image-making. This installation is both an exploration of inner and outer selves and a demonstration of analogue processes in a digital world, using the perfect imperfections of the analogue photographic image.