Tiger Balme

The story of Toronto-based Tiger Balme is the story of Yang Chen, Estyr, Danielle Sum, and Anda Zeng coming together to sing songs they could only sing once they had found each other. With members taking turns writing and singing their own stories, Tiger Balme’s alt-indie heart beats with hues of disco, rock, and 90s acoustic pop—the grounding forces of drums, guitar, and bass shimmering with the addition of vibraphone, harp, and soaring harmonies. Since 2018, they have created sonic spaces of tender resilience at festivals, intimate art shows, and music fixtures around Toronto and Southern Ontario. Their upcoming debut album, the self-titled Tiger Balme produced by Paul Chin, is an embrace of the wounds that shape us and the connection that heals us, an ode to the courage that arises from being true to one’s own heart.

**September 24th - Fall Edition 2022**

website: tigerbalme.com
instagram: @tigerbalme

Listen to Tiger Balme’s curated playlist to get you in a cozy mood for their performance at Pique