Yung Heat

Meshing Hip-Hop, RnB, and Electronic -- Jamaican-Canadian musician Yung Heat is most known for his popular genre-bending tracks on SoundCloud. Yung Heat is a triple-threat musician with over 10 years of producing, engineering, and composing. He has managed to amass over 14M streams over various streaming platforms.

Yung Heat is an active member of Ottawa’s underground music scene organizing live events and mentoring young artists. He is the lead coordinator of a youth-led grassroots organization called “Produced By Youth”, where he mentors, teaches and facilitates Black youth like himself -- giving them the tools and resources to create and release their music projects.

His latest project titled “CITY ON FIRE!” is a collaborative venture blending Electronic and Hip-Hop including topics like Black identity, police brutality, and lower-class struggle. Features include vocals/production from some of Ottawa's top talent such as NTHN, City Fidelia, Lia Kloud, and even his youth mentees from Produced by Youth.

**September 24th - Fall Edition 2022**


instagram: @yungheatbeats