Ajeeb Sir

Ajeebsir is a human-machine duo primarily based on the web. They work in collaboration with new media technologies to explore more-than-human techno-social imaginaries. Deeply experimental and generative in their process, they try to uncover new possibilities and dynamics of ‘being’ in the present as well as in future.
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instagram: @ajeebsir

Donna Haraway wrote as the very last line in her groundbreaking essay “A Cyborg Manifesto” that she would rather be a cyborg than a goddess, favoring the postmodern technologized figure of techno-human over the reclamation of a racialized, matriarchal body (Haraway, 1991). Liquid Bytes is a web artwork that explores this theme. The project aims to investigate and the push the boundaries of collaboration between the artist and technology in order to uncover the present and the future dynamics of the body. It is an embodiment of the reciprocity between the computer and the artist and how they each feed each other artistically and evolve. Experimental and deeply personal, the work is reminiscent of a 90’s retro-futurist aesthetic paying homage to a vision of union between technology and spirituality.