winter edition

innerspace beings

In innerspace beings hyper-real characters land at the venue from their innership. With movement and presence these innerbeings find a common home; space turns into play, interaction amplifies their expressions, and joypeace intensifies. Their connection with earthpeople amplify their innerways, exploding in a physical celebration before the innership returns to the Great Retreat.

Created by amelia rose griffin in collaboration with Katherine NG, Slynks, and Klassic.

Special thanks to the Ottawa Dance Directive.

innerspace beings dancer photos and bios

amelia stands in front of a white brick wall in a grey-black t-shirt. She has white skin, and red hair that reaches past her shoulders with short bangs. Her image is slightly fuzzy, indicating inherent distortion as she stares directly into the camera lens at you; a slight secretive smile is starting to curl at the edge of her mouth.

amelia rose griffin is a British-Canadian contemporary dance artist. She has performed in, and choreographed works presented locally, nationally, and internationally since 2006; both solo, and with a variety of companies and collectives. Her movement-based artworks centre innovation through inclusive practice and lived experience, with an emphasis on collaboration. She creates fantastical, immersive worlds from her perspective as a mad artist juxtaposing the surreal/real, humorous/sobered, pointed/subtle, disruptive/soothing.