winter edition

Location: Studio

Originally presented as part of Sled Island's 2021 Postcards from Sled Island

Band Members: Amy Nelson, Mike Watson, Erik Allen
Recorded On Location At: Central United Church (Calgary)
Producers: Shawn Petsche, Maud Salvi
Director: Gillian MᶜKercher
Editor: Gillian MᶜKercher
Technical Director: Corey Robert
Technical Lead: Dave Mossiman
Technical Coordinator: Charlotte Cuvilier
Director Of Photography: Heather Saitz
Recording Engineer: Chris McEwen
Mixing: Pat Palardy / Public Lunch Studios
Mastering: Rena Kozak / Soundpony Audio

Amy Nelson

Amy Nelson is a conduit of voices from the past, reverentially channeling the sounds of depression-era blues and mountain music. Steeped in the rich history of blues, hill-country and old time music, this remembering is what gives birth to Nelson’s sonic approach. Whether equipped with a power trio consisting of a lap steel guitarist and drummer's groove or solo on a stage, Amy's laments reach brawny heights that only honour her adroit lyricism and warble.