winter edition

Presentation details:

Time: 5:00pm-12:00am
Location: Arts Court Atelier

dahan, dahan (careful, slowly)

dahan, dahan (careful, slowly) is a meditative sound installation created by discs of ice melting onto amplified metal sculptures. The sculptures are made from brass, copper and steel, producing varying textures of sound. Percussive rhythms change overtime as ice melts. Projected generative visuals respond and react to the sound of each water drop. A hypnotic wash of colour, light and sound bring one to consider the ways and speed at which we move through our days.

Created by April Aliermo with projections by Kat Estacio and sculpture by Kristina Guison.

Light projected on disc of ice, part of sound installation. A disk of ice is suspended over a colorfully lit metal sculpture.

April Aliermo faces the camera while holding a flat round disc of ice in front of her face

April Aliermo

For the last 10 years, playing bass, synths and samplers, April Aliermo has extensively toured North America, Europe and Asia with her rock and electronic bands, Hooded Fang and Ph├Ędre. In 2018, she begun her solo foray into sound art. She mentored under pioneering sound artist Christina Kubisch at the Darmstadt Summer Course New Music Festival, studying and recording "hidden" electromagnetic sounds as well as learning about site specific, immersive sound installations. There she presented her first sound installation, "Happy Meal?" focused on electromagnetic sounds recorded in Darmstadt. Since then, she has presented her sound art at the Music Gallery's Emergent Series and at the Gladstone Hotel for TSG and Long Winter. As a Filipinx-Canadian artist, April attempts to create sonic works that gently ask one to question socio-political systems and reality in an immersive and meditative way. She is a strong believer in empowering others with knowledge and strives to build conscious communities.