winter edition

Presentation details:

Encounters by Lafawndah
Featuring Clara & Lucia Faria
Guitar by Trustfall
Shot and edited by Lafawndah
Created for Digital Inventions Archive at EVERYSEEKER 2021

Location: Studio

Photo credit: claire arnold

Lafawndah's journey to her current incarnation as a devotional pop polymath has wound as unpredictably as her compositional style. The ceaseless artist returned in September last year with 'The Fifth Season’, released on Parisian label Latency. In contrast to the precision-tuned industrial productions of debut album ‘Ancestor Boy’, her second album breathes a different kind of volatility, inviting a new degree of spontaneity into her process, collaborating with the likes of tubist Theon Cross, French rapper Lala &ce, visual artist Marguerite Humeau and more.

‘The Fifth Season’ is the latest chapter in Lafawndah’s artistic trajectory, with more music to come in 2021 and 2022. Subsequent to her self-titled (2014) and Tan EP’s (Warp, 2016), Lafawndah released ‘Ancestor Boy’ on her own imprint Concordia in spring 2019 to enthusiastic acclaim. Further, a long-awaited live performance of ‘Le Renard Bleu’, her 2018 record with Japanese ambient master Midori Takada, took place in the form of ‘Ceremonial Blue’, commissioned by the Barbican London, as well as new incursions into contemporary art and fashion, with Laure Prouvost for the Venice Biennale, with Jeff Mills for Courrèges, plus other cultural touchstones such as Kenzo and Vogue.