winter edition

Presentation Details:

Time: 6:45pm-7:30pm
Location: Alma Duncan Salon

A black and white photo of Liliane Chlela sitting on a bed with white sheets in a white room, wearing sunglasses and a coat, in front a barred window.

With her distinct sound treatment and signature improvised performances, Liliane Chlela has been pushing forward the boundaries of ‘Experimental and Electronic Music’ in Lebanon and the Middle East/West Asia and North Africa for over a decade both as a solo artist and via her various local and international collective projects.

She constructs a characteristic sound both as a composer/producer and as a live musician. She further explores the connections between improvisation and sound treatment by approaching numerous musical genres with her signature techniques. Liliane has also further developed her know-how by working with moving images, film, interactive installations, performance art, contemporary dance, fashion shows and film. Resulting in that is a wide sound palette, making Chlela one of the most versatile female producers/musicians in the Middle East/West Asia and North Africa.