winter edition

Presentation Details:

Molecular Meditation (screening)
by Mas Aya, Enrique Alba and Orly Anan
supported by Planet HUH, Somewherelse, and Long Winter.

Location: Studio

Brandon Miguel Valdivia and Enrique Alba collaborated on Molecular Meditation with Orly Anan. Brandon created the audio composition for the piece, while Enrique collaborated with Orly in directing and editing the project. Brandon is a drummer, percussionist, flautist, and composer from Toronto. Brandon has recorded with artists such as U.S. Girls, A Tribe Called Red, Jeremy Dutcher, and Lido Pimienta, he has amassed numerous Polaris Prize shortlist nominations, 2 Polaris Prize winners, and one Juno Award-winning album. Enrique Alba is a New York-based, Los Angeles-born multimedia and digital artist interested in the visual integration of Chicano culture and technology.

Mas Aya

Mas Aya is prolific Toronto producer and percussionist Brandon Valdivia's solo project, collaborator to US Girls, Sandro Perri, Sook-Yin-Lee, Lido Pimienta and Not the Wind Not the Flag.

His new album "Máscaras" will be out September 24 via Telephone Explosion Records.