winter edition

Presentation details:

Time: 9:00pm-9:45pm
Location: Club SAW

Mother Tongues

Mother Tongues harks back to a time when music and mysticism were entwined, carrying on the canon of psychedelic music that came before them, taking things somewhere new and unexplored. A link to the past, a glimpse into the future.

The group has been a prominent part of the Toronto music scene for the last 8 years. Members Charise Aragoza (Luna Li, Hooded Fang, Maylee Todd) Lukas Cheung ( Zoon, Matthew “Doc” Dunn”, Lane Halley (Hooded Fang), Kvesche Ebacher Bijons (Lido Pimienta) and Nick Kervin (Mimico, Andre Ethier, Witchrot) were brought together through a mutual love of everything from 60s french pop, to break beats, kraut rock, shoegaze and film scores. With an equal embrace of pop sensibilities and the experimental, the group has come into an inventive new sound reflective of their eclectic palette.

Comparisons have been made to Stereolab, Broadcast, CAN, and The Flaming Lips.