Chukwubuikem + Kosisochukwu Nnebe (for The Seeds We Carry)

Chukwubuikem Nnebe is a Nigerian-Canadian lawyer based out of New York City. With past creative experiences that include hosting a music radio show, editing a campus magazine, and organizing EDI-focused community events, Nnebe’s wide-ranging background speaks to the cross-pollination of ideas across fields and interests. The common thread throughout Nnebe’s creative endeavours has been the championing of human connection and the uplifting of under-represented voices. Increasingly, Nnebe is exploring circularity in the fashion industry as an opportunity for sustainable change-making and community-building. Curating the musical programming for The Seeds We Carry has been Nnebe’s first curatorial project. Nnebe currently serves as the Co-President of the McGill Black Alumni Association.

Where: SAW Courtyard
When:  June 8th,  7:25 pm

Kosisochukwu Nnebe is a Nigerian-Canadian conceptual artist, curator and writer. Working across installation, lens-based media and sculpture, Nnebe engages with topics that range from the politics of Black visibility, embodiment and spatiality to the use of foodways and language as counter-archives of colonial histories. At its core, Nnebe’s practice is interested in anti-colonial and -imperial world-building through acts of solidarity (human and otherwise), the troubling of colonial logics, and speculative (re)imaginings of otherwise pasts, presents and futures. Nnebe’s work has been shown in exhibitions across Canada, and she has forthcoming exhibitions at the Bowling Green State University Gallery in Ohio, Art Museum of Toronto, and Green Space Gallery in Miami, Florida.

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