Dimitri Georgaras

Ottawa-born composer, sound artist, and instrument builder. Dimitri's compositional voice is informed by deconstructing the fundamentals, limitations, and chaotic behaviours of analog electronics and digital signal processing, creatively exposing their musical potential through composition and performance. A major focus of Dimitri’s practice is ‘no-input’ feedback music using self-built electronics, presenting his work in Ottawa, Kingston, and most recently Meaford Ontario for the Electric Eclectics festival. In collaboration with Matt Rogalsky, Dimitri has been performing realizations of David Tudor’s “Microphone” with Singuhr in Berlin in 2022, and a 50th anniversary workshop and performance of “Rainforest IV” in Kingston Ontario, July 2023.


Performance details
Date: March 9, 2024
Time: 18:00
Location: Theatre