(FAUXBEAR, Michael Faubert) is a Toronto-based visual artist and one of the City of Toronto’s ArtworxTO emerging artists of 2021-2022.

For over a decade I pursued an academic career in both Montréal and Toronto, but have recently moved out of the ivory tower and into the studio. My work contrasts playfully absurd characters with surreal environments to convey abstract concepts, extreme emotional states, and half-remembered nightmares. A fan of street-art, graffiti, comics, and all things animated, I produce pieces that use a wide-range of media: silkscreen printed clothing, stencil-based paintings using acrylic and spray paint, watercolour and ink illustrations, traditional comics, and animated shorts. My style is currently inspired by other artistic work that combine contrasting ideas in substance and form: intense and playful pop-art, animation that speaks to audiences both innocent and mature, and wild illustration styles used to capture more serious and complex events.

**September 24th - Fall Edition 2022**

website: fauxbear.art
instagram: @fauxbear