Honeydrip+King Shadrock+Emma Forgues

Honeydrip’s Psychotropical is an hommage to Dub, Reggae, and Dancehall while still keeping her signature dance floor sound. The performance includes King Shadrock as a live vocalist, Honeydrip live dubbing, and visual artist, Emma Forgues. Humanoid shapes created from 3D scans of Honeydrip and King Shadrock's bodies and psychedelic landscapes inspired by nature, velvet, latex, honey, and glass accompany Rastafarian messages, heavy low end, and liquid sound design. Psychotropic is any drug that affects behaviour, mood, thoughts, or perception. This musical performance aims to entrance and reflect upon the topics of unifying the black consciousness by acting as a psychotropic.

Bandcamp (Honeydrip)
 (Emma Forgues)
(King Shadrock)

Where:  SAW Courtyard
When:  June 8th,  9:00 pm