Horizon Factory

Polluting clouds from factory smoke stacks, exhaust clouds from fume pipes, atmospheric clouds on the horizon, electronic clouds where data is stored; The Sisters of the Celestial Order of Nephology (the study of clouds) is an interdisciplinary performance project by Horizon Factory (Erin Hill and Nina Vroemen). Forming in 2019, during a dance residency at Studio 303 (Montreal), the fictitious, pseudo-sect of two, blue cloaked, atmospheric-nuns were called by the unseizability of clouds and the ephemeral narratives that form them. These narratives are personal, environmental, futuristic, and potential warning signs.

The Sisters engage across multiple mediums and disciplines, including performance, video, radio, workshops, and writing. In 2024, they printed the prototype for their forthcoming publication Deep Gazing. The book is a guide, a tool, an atlas and a companion for individual and communal attunement to the environment.

They have presented their work at RURART in Cookshire-Eaton, 2020), Fonderie Darling (Montreal, 2020), Third Space Gallery (NB, 2021), Artscape Gibraltar (Toronto, 2022), SummerWorks (Toronto, 2023), Eastern Bloc (Montreal, 2023) and Performing Arts Forum (France, 2023).

Website (Erin)
Website (Nina)

Where: SAW Lawn
When:  June 8th, 5:30 pm