KAR33M is an Afro-Soul artist that creates narrative-style music using 3 different voices, providing a unique perspective with each voice. He recalls his first contact with music in his younger days growing up in Nigeria with his family. Developing his skills and talent in the arts and honing in on the lyricism he admired from genres of music like Afrobeat, Rap, Pop, R&B and Soul, KAR33M would go on to write his debut Neo-soul EP titled WHOAMI? An EP about Black Identity, love, and existentialism. KAR33M is set to release his second cumulative project titled, Ala - an Afro-soul LP of about 11 songs, that range between 3-5 minutes each, accompanied by a short film and some music videos. The LP is a fictional perspective of an African in the diaspora as they awake into a constructed reality filled with social injustices and absurdities.

website: kar33m.com
instagram: @kar33mmusic

twitter: @kar33mmusic