MAGELLA is a Montreal-based vocalist and producer with the diasporic blues. With her powerful, warm tone, she uses the various colours of her voice to create a sonic canvas. She writes songs based on her musical influences of electronic, experimental and art-pop music. 

website: magella.xyz
instagram: @magellaella

tiktok: magellaellaella

Pique artist interview: MAGELLA

1. To someone who doesn’t know you, how would you describe your work?

I would describe my work as a mix of electronic, experimental, art-pop music, and lately a dash of grunge.

2. What are you reading/listening to/watching right now?

I am currently reading Carmen Ann Machado’s “Her Body and Other Parties,” (“The Husband Stitch” is chef's kiss) and revisiting Audre Lorde’s “Sister Outsider”. 

I was going through a late 90s/early 2000s music video phase and started digging deeper into Hype William's catalogue, which led me to his film "Belly". It felt like I was watching a gangster film in an art gallery. The aesthetic is incredible. I also loved Anna Biller's "The Love Witch".

I've been waking up to Betty Davis' (Rest in Power) music. Her funk music has left a huge impact on me. I wish there were more live footage of her performances.

3. What’s the general artistic process when you write music? Are you working on anything new at the moment?

I am in the works of writing an album that will hopefully be released by the fall.

I usually write my songs from the ground up, using my vocal loop pedal and then Ableton to build a more solid arrangement. I like to play around with different genres and time feels to express how I feel. I usually prefer working on the original idea alone, so I have a clear vision before presenting it to anyone else. I believe art revolves around personal evolution and challenging your message as you grow in your craft. So with that in mind, I explore something new in my writing process or revisit a song with a new perspective.

4. What do you want people to feel when they listen to your work? Why?

I want people to feel motivated to enter into their villain era because that’s where I am at right now. And by that, I mean fully asserting your boundaries, sticking up for yourself and being completely unapologetic in who you are. It’s important to honour your own needs and to stop being self-sacrificial, especially to the people who don’t deserve your time. Don’t ever settle for less, and never apologize when it’s not warranted.

5. Can you describe what your performance for Pique Spring Edition will be like?

I will be performing a mix of songs from my recent EP and teasing a couple of tracks from the new album. I will be bringing guitarist Félix Tellier Pouliot and multi-instrumentalist Joseph Blais to perform organic arrangements of my songs. I am currently in a creative process, so we will be experimenting with other styles (Experimental, electronic, blues, etc.).There will also be lots of improvisation, live vocal looping and an experimental jazz standard (with a drone).