NORDTING is an enthusiastic and challenging mix of political rally, galla show and powerpoint-lecture. With the form of a peoples assembly, the ambition is to investigate questions concerning power, identity, art and economy in a local, northern context. NORDTING adresses everything from global issues around geopolitics, climate change and capitalism, to very local issues from the place the assembly is held. Everything is adjusted for each new location - there is local history, local guests and local issues put up for vote. 

Since the beginning in 2014, NORDTING has arranged peoples assemblies all over the Arctic, from Alaska to Greenland, from Iceland to Norway. Thousands of people have made their voices heard. Assemblies have voted yes or no to oil drilling, fish farming, mining, independence for the North, new street names, new airline routes, new national days and taxation of the rich. There has been lottery, cheering, praying, flagging, singing, chanting, moving, voting - and thinking around what it means to be an Arctic inhabitant. 

The point of departure for NORDTING is the North, but the issues addressed - of power, economy, local identity, ownership to resources, separatism and populism - are very much global and common for us all.


Performance details
Date: March 9, 2024
Time: 18:30
Location: Club SAW