PURE PULP is a ground-breaking dance party event series led by the South Asian diaspora in Canada, occupied Indigenous land, through a carefully curated lineup of artists, both within and beyond the Ottawa, Algonquin-Anishinaabe region. PURE PULP celebrates the richness of South Asian and diasporic creativity, especially from our queer and trans kin. PURE PULP aims to stand in solidarity with the people’s movements around the world. It pays homage to & embraces influences from African, Caribbean, and other BIPOC communities to create a truly global sonic experience. Our vision is to build a new, transformative space - a dynamic vehicle through music and community in the Ottawa region to create noise from the underground by our boundary & border-pushing South Asian diaspora.

In a world where cultural narratives often overlook or misrepresent the experiences of marginalized communities, initiatives like PURE PULP are not just desirable but essential. The South Asian community is a constantly shifting, massive and versatile diasporic community whose voices have historically been silenced or sidelined in colonized Canada. By highlighting South Asian and diasporic creativity, particularly within our queer and trans community, PURE PULP fills a crucial gap in the cultural landscape of “Ottawa”. This event serves as a platform for artists to showcase their multidisciplinary talent, challenging stereotypes and reclaiming narratives that have long been shaped by others. It’s important for South Asian diasporic initiatives to be led by marginalized voices from within the diaspora to begin with to create safer & more inclusive spaces. By addressing political issues, inter-cultural marginalization and connecting them to global struggles, PURE PULP has the capacity to be a transformative space bringing together music, art, & solidarity in the South Asian community. In creating a space where South Asian people can feel seen and celebrated, PURE PULP not only enriches the cultural fabric of Ottawa but also contributes to building a more inclusive and equitable community for all. PURE PULP hopes to show this throughout their events with the artists they book, the themes their shows portray, the conversations and spaces held with care, and the cross-cultural solidarity they hope to amplify & contribute to monetarily.



Mars Souleil (Trinidaddy) and CONTRA