San Farafina

San Farafina is a Canadian DJ and multimedia artist championing global afro-diasporic sound through mesmerizing polyrhythmic blends and textured, genre fusing DJ sets. Classic dance synths combined with modern African rhythms are her hallmark sound — evoking a dance floor energy that falls somewhere in-between Honey Dijon and Nídia. Drawing inspiration from her eclectic upbringing and her Haitian-Filipina roots, her style offers a refreshing take on club music that is both intentional and effortless. As a core member of the Moonshine Collective, San Farafina is building a name for herself on the international music scene, performing at some of the world's most renowned clubs and festivals, including Primavera Sound, Dour Festival, Nitsa Club, and Osheaga, touring in cities across Europe, North America, and Africa. In addition to her music career, she serves as the director of Club Sagacité, a multidisciplinary artistic project aimed at uplifting underrepresented groups of artists in Montreal. San Farafina's commitment to empowering diverse communities shines through in her work, both on and off the decks. Her innovative style and dedication to the craft make her an artist to watch as she continues to push the boundaries of what's possible in music and art.


Where: SAW Courtyard
When:  June 8th,  10:45 pm