Anne Bourne

Anne Bourne artist/ composer/ cellist. With a sound field listening practice, Anne leads collective creativity, in a model of equanimity, for voices to improvise together. An electroacoustic composer, Anne captures emergent streams of cello sonics, voice, and field recordings, for spatial installation, in collaboration with those who stand for the wild and all life forms. Anne's composition Fathoming Lithium Sediment of Pearl releases on vinyl for Radio Amnion, UK, 2024. Seasoned in International concert touring and recording, Anne improvised with many artists, significantly composer Pauline Oliveros, developing a deep listening practice in the Sangre de Cristo mountains. and then developing distinct listening walks on the shorelines and Sounding Difference collective creative Deep Listening experience, at the Music Gallery, Toronto. On faculty at the Center for Deep Listening, Rensselaer, NY. Chalmers Fellow, Anne observes shorelines as difference in coalescence, walking. Anne composes in attunement to the spectral wave patterns of water.